A dead hand is any hand no longer eligible to win the pot. An opaque plastic card put on the bottom of the deck during the cut to prevent any players from seeing the bottom card. Although some players refer to any two cards within 4 ranks of each other to be connected, such as 3♠ 7♦, these are technically known as “gappers”. Certain poker scenarios will see an incomplete bet made. Players yet to act have the option of completing the bet to the full bet amount.

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You will receive information about the outcome of the Bet placed. If the Bet is not received on our servers then it will not stand and the Bet amount will not have been taken from Your account. 8.10 Whilst we make every attempt to ensure that any Content used on the Website is accurate, such Content is subject to error and may not always be 100% accurate. Content on the Website may therefore vary significantly from content in relation to the same event on other media sources. Content should not be relied upon when placing Bets, which are made at your own risk and discretion.


Hanger – A i thought about this term used to describe a protruding bottom card when base dealing. Check this entry for information on how to spot illegal base dealing in your own games. Gap –Refers to a gap between cards of consecutive rank. Free Card –A card seen without having to invest additional chips. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the scenario as explained in this glossary entry. Flop –The second betting round in community cards such as Omaha and Hold’em.

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The total amount of funds that a bettor has available to them for gambling purposes. A golfing bet that involves predicting which bettor from either a group of two or three will shoot the lowest score over 18 holes. Returns from a tote pool (also known as a “Dividend”), which are calculated by taking the total stake in each pool (after the “Take” is deducted) and dividing it by the number of winning tickets. A racetrack information board that displays approximate odds, betting totals, payout prices and other information necessary for the bettor.

If you bet on a 11.00 (10/1) selection that you think should be 6.00 (5/1), then you are getting perceived value. Units are a normalized way to to compare win amounts between punters and tipsters while removing the stake size. Units are commonly a percentage of the bankroll or a fixed value. The general advice is to make your unit size equal to 1% of your total bankroll.

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A player intentionally tries to deceive his or her opponent by acting in a way that suggests a common tell but is actually the opposite. For example leaning forward into the board is usually considered a sign of a strong hand. Doing on purpose when you have a strong hand to try to trick your opponent into thinking you’re weak is a reverse tell.

Numerical performance figure that measures each race of each horse, creating a pattern over their career. Unlike speed figures, these performance figures take into account more variables in each race (such as weight carried, the amount of ground a horse lost on the turns, etc.). Well-known proprietary performance figures/sheets include the Ragozin Sheets and Thoro-Graph.

The pointspread – also called “the line” – is used as a margin to handicap the favorite team. The oddsmaker – also called the handicapper – “gives” points to the underdog – for betting purposes only. The bettor must take either the favorite or the underdog. The favorite is always indicated by a minus sign (e.g. -8.5) and the underdog by a plus sign (e.g.+8.5).