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  • Photographers

The photos are the best memories of our life. And those memories people would like to keep. When you are looking at your photos after some years you can go back and live those moments through with all colors of emotions.
I live it! When I look at things I see them in the special way… in my way, with certain colors, deepness, emotions, intensity. And I would like to share this view.
The photography always was my passion.
I learned how make photos with my dad with the old technology long time ago. I have tried different things, had some experiments and I realized that I love it. I did some studies and took a lot of time to speak with my friends-photographers. Now I have my own formed taste of beauty.
I love to work with people. I love the process of learning the person and helping them to be themselves. I love to catch the life moments and show how they are inside.
Just let me show you how you can be! 🙂