If both sides of the market are bet equally then he will make this margin on the money wagered. Decimal odds of 3.24 would be written in the fractional form as 9/4. In other words to make nine units of profit the bettor must initially wager four units. Decimal odds are perhaps the easiest format to use since they demonstrate the return for each unit bet. For example with decimal odds of 3.24 a bettor knows that for every one unit staked they will receive 3.24 units back should the bet be successful. Put simply betting odds are representations of probability.

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Decimal odds are often used on betting exchanges, such as Betfair, as the user is in control of the odds rather than the bookmaker. Here are some examples of how to read decimal betting odds. Now you know how to work out the probability of an event happening, you can use the betting odds to work out the potential returns if you were to bet on it.

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Blocked For A Run – Describes a horse that is unable to obtain clear Now Standing Information, Projections As well as to Possibilities running room in the straight. Black Book – A record of horses that have produced trials or performances of merit and that look worthy of following in upcoming races. Better Than Bank Interest – Expression used to justify taking short odds (eg. 1.20) about a horse. These odds are usually represented as either a fraction (2/1) or a decimal (3.0), which is used in the UK and around Europe. There’s also the moneyline or American way, which is where a number has a plus or minus in front of it (+200). The definition, example, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team.

This simply means that if you bet $100, you will win $180. The odds of 5/2 (expressed informative post as “5 to 2”) means that for every 2 units that you bet, you will receive 5 back as profit. So if you bet £200 on that horse, you would have received £500 profit in return plus your original stake of £200.

Once a wager is placed, the odds are set and don’t change. Horse bettors might experience a change in odds from parimutuel betting. A form of placing money on odds offered by a bookmaker. The combined amount of runs, points or goals scored by both teams during the game. Bets can be placed on whether the Total will be higher or lower than the number set by the bookmaker.

Head 2 Head– A bet on which player will score more goals in a game compared to the player standing against him. Half-Time/Full-Time– A bet on the results of the game at both half-time and full-time. First Break– A bet on who will be the first player to break their opponent’s serve, to win a game during a tennis match. All bonuses come with a “rollover requirement.” A “rollover requirement” is an amount you must bet before requesting a payout.

Middle – A situation where you win on both sides of the same bet by exploiting odds/points movements/discrepancies over time. Hook – Half a point added to e.g. football or basketball betting lines. Group / Graded races – These races form the upper tier of the racing structure, with Group/Grade 1 the most important, followed by Group/Grade 2 and Group/Grade 3. Group races are run on the Flat; Graded races are run over jumps .

1) A game in which bookmakers are not accepting any more wagers. Bookmakers take a game “Off the Board” when they suspect the outcome of the game has been fixed, thus making sure they do not lose any more money on that particular match. For a soccer game, it would be possible mid game to place bets on factors such as who will be awarded the next corner or which player will score the next goal. The odds change during the game depending on the performance and positioning of the team and players. A single each way bet of US$5 would cost the bettor US$10 as the bet consists of two separate bets. If the horse’s odds were 11.00 (10/1) and it won, the bettor would win US$50 and marginally less for a place .

Sportsbooks love parlays because the odds are in their favor. However, bettors love them because of the high payout when they do win. Bettors receive the option of placing a bet on the total or over-under.